First report card in Japan!!!! // Family night routine vlog in Japan

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Our little boy is no longer a first-grader. The other day was his last day as a first-grader in Japan. Now that he’s a second-grader, we want to share with all of you what a typical report card looks like for the school he attends in Japan. Alex attends what is called an “international school.” These schools have been growing in popularity in Japan recently, due to the high demand in children’s English education. However, in our case, English was obviously never really an issue. I’m an American mom and, as such, my kiddos are lucky to have had somebody speaking with them in English all of their lives. So when we picked this particular school, English actually had nothing to do with it. In reality, the true value of an international school in Japan lies NOT in the English that they teach, but in HOW they teach and in the curriculum itself. This is of great interest to me, as I recently developed a parenting technique/method that helps parents teach critical thinking and self-assertiveness at home starting at the age of zero. So, please watch this video if you’re interested in differences between Japanese schooling, international schools and in education overseas!

Hi! We are the Kawakami’s! I am an American mom (my name is A’ishah) living in Japan with my Japanese husband (Taka) and our two children Alexander and Olivia. We are currently trying to to get the hang of bilingual parenting. We are trying to raise them bilingually, but it’s not as easy as many might think (despite the fact that they live in a bilingual home!). Please subscribe to our channel and join us on our adventures in bilingual, multi-cultural parenting. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter too!

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